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is designed by Eva Alessandrini and Roberto Saporiti for the Italian furniture design firm Saporiti.
At first sight the effect is subtle: the words are quite “invisible” when it’s full of books.
It’s like a sort of subliminal message.
Every letter of the alphabet is available, you can combine them in every way your creativity suggest ;)  

Richiami pop e uso intelligente degli elementi tipografici, inseriti in un’unico template: scegliere le lettere, comporre frasi e allo stesso tempo un mobile delle dimensioni necessarie, sfruttando anche le diverse profondità dei singoli cubi che possono essere utilizzati come tavolini porta oggetti.  

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Bookyard is a project where Massimo Bartolini bring the public library to the great outdoors.

In Ghent, Belgium, St. Peter’s Abbey Vineyard has been a part of the town landscape since the Middle Ages. Now this historic vineyard has gotten a beautiful new addition, dubbed Bookyard, which was recently installed by the Italian artist Massimo Bartolini. Designed as part of the art festival Track: A Contemporary City Conversation, 12 sweeping bookcases align with the Abbey’s grapevines and harken back to an old world Europe that was once filled with bounded print, and free from digital forms.


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Created by colombian-born, US-based designer Alejandro Gomez Stubbs for his studio Malagana Design, ‘EQUILIBRIUM' bookcase relies on stacked angled modules that not only create a playful aesthetic effect but also integrate bookend functionality directly into the shelf design.  
'Equilibrium' is capable of holding over 120 pounds (54kg) of weight over its five compartments!! 
The bookshelf’s modules are connected with a steel joint designed to withstand the weight of the books. The cantilevered design forces the load of the weight towards the center, while the tilt of the compartments replaces bookends with the force of gravity, keeping books together. Capable of being disassembled and fit into the two largest pieces, the set is easily assembled by hand from the five component modules, without the need for tools or additional hardware. Custom colours available by request. 

This bookshelf on exhibition during new york design week 2011 as part of american design club’s use me show. 

Visit the website, it’s wonderful and classy ! 

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Tetris Bookshelves

by Francesco Ferretti

These shelves are great because they can be rearranged and stacked anyway you like, and you can always make more if you need them. He used a laser cutter to cut the shapes out, making the whole process quick and minimally labor intensive.
Each section of the bookcase is a separate shape and color, making the options endless for your storage solutions. I think it’s pretty great, and would love to have one.

"Make your design only limited by your creativity. "

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Auckland, New Zealand; The Library Bar

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Spiga Bookshelf

Designed by Gianluca Sgalippa, this bookshelf will let your precious collections rest at an angle.
Product page aptly describes it as, ‘The L shake shelf gradually changes as the angle of rotation like the seeds of the corn ear when it’s ripe. It is made of wood, with ABS finished surfaces and edges and a shelf that looks like a check sign rotated gradually. You get to decide what color you want.

Il design contemporaneo ha deciso che il libro, nella libreria, non deve stare più in verticale. Ebbene, qui se ne assecondano tutte le possibili inclinazioni e dimensioni in un elemento esile. Lo scaffale cambia progressivamente angolo di rotazione come fanno i semi della spiga di grano giunta a maturazione. I bordi colorati visualizzano efficacemente questo sofisticato gioco grafico, che si riaggancia alle ricerche della Op Art degli anni ’60 e ’70, adattate a una funzionalità rigorosissi.

Gianluca Sgalippa

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New York based artist and designer Sebastian Errazuriz is the author of interesting and unusual bookshelves.
For example, the Piano Shelf will be perfect for those, who want to create modern yet artistic atmosphere at home and organize an original storage space at the same time.
The item imitates the structure of the keys of a piano, so you can raise or lower the keys and get your own shelf design.
Available in black and white colors, the Piano will fit any types of interior, and I think the music lovers will appreciate this piece of furniture worthily.  

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Coolest Hidden-door Bookcases!

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Leaning bookshelves are nothing new, but this particular one called the Italia Bookshelf by Andrea Vecera reminds of the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

ITALIA è la libreria che traduce in materia vitale l’immagine di una Nazione, la nostra:ricca di cultura, storia e grandi potenzialità che tuttavia vive accasciata sul suo antico passato, mentre guarda fuggire grandi menti da sé e lascia ai pochi che restano la difficoltà di trovare una collocazione.

"Italy" is a bookcase that convey the picture of our nation: so rich of culture, full of history and potential. But  in spite of all, Italy lives  collapsed on its past, watching great mind running away and giving to the few who decide to stay the trouble to find a stable setting.

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